Sanitary barrier washing machines for hospitals, clinics and food industries

High-spin aseptic washers

The linen is a vector for the spread of infections potentially dangerous to your health. It becomes essential, therefore, in hospitals, nursing homes or pharmaceutical and food industries, acquire the appropriate equipment able to provide a concrete defense against the proliferation of germs, bacteria and dust particles. The sanitary barrier washing machines (or aseptic washers) are the best answer to the needs of cleaning, hygiene and safety in these areas, primarily thanks to the presence of two opposing doors that prevent any possible contact between clean and dirty laundry.

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Safe and durable washing machines

We offers a range of high performance aseptic washers with different load capacity (from 36 to 70 kg) and a particularly strong frame, able to deal with intensive work. These sanitary barrier washing machines are made of AISI 304 stainless steel tub, drum and panels and have an engine, placed close to the bottom, that ensures less vibrations and low noise level.

Lateral stabilizers ensure the machine stability in every operating conditions and guarantee lower wearing of dampening system. Every appliance is ready for up to 8 liquid soap connection directly on the inlet mixer and the PLC microprocessor control freely programmable allows every kind of wash process accordingly to the laudry treated.

No laundry contamination

In the hospitals and clinics  sectors 10 to 15% of nosocomial infections depends on the poor cleaning of the linen. In the industries sector, moreover, it's important to have a complete care management of the laundry to maintain a high level of hygiene in the production ensuring that the products are free of bacteria (like for example Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella, Listeria, etc…)

An aseptic washer is an industrial washing machine equipped with two opposing doors one for the introduction of dirty linen and the other for the unloading of cleaned laundry, so that avoiding the recontamination. The sanitary washing machine respects the EN14065 (RABC) regulation, which requires the adoption of a quality system that analyzes and controls the risk of contamination in the treatment of textiles.

Hygiene under control

These professional machines are are equippped with a new generation of PLC micro programmers that offers you complete freedom of programming.

This electronic control allows to optimize and adapt the entire process at anytime and to ensure the easy integration of new washing methods and detergents.