Small front loading washer

High-spin washing machine for low budget

The semi-professional washer GH6 is the ideal solution for anyone who needs professional quality, without having a considerable quantity of laundry to be treated: hair salons, wellness centers, sport clubs, campgrounds, pizzerias and restaurants, and small hotels. This small front loading washer allows up to 1400 rpm spin cycle, a great flexibility due to the presence of 10 programs (e.g. Health Care, mops, micro fibre towels, etc.) and, while having the size of domestic machine, up to 8 kg of laundry per cycle.

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Energy saving small washing machine

The GH6 washing machine is equipped with two standard water inlets (hot and cold) which are activated by the electronic control according to the washing program selected.

This means an immediate energy saving on the water's heating and a considerably reduction of the time required for the washing program (cycle at 60°C in 40 min). 

Durable stainless steel drum and tub

This high-spin washer is equipped with stainless steel drum and tub: the only material that guarantees durability over time and allows for a professional and intensive use of the equipment. Stainless steel, four-fold suspensions with shock absorbers, induction motor and inverter technology, 4 anchorage points for the seats of the ball bearings: these are just some of the features that make these models very close to the industrial equipment.

Built-in self-diagnostics system

An additional benefit of this small washer is the electronic control, which meets professional requirements. A built-in self-diagnostics system that saves errors and cycles to simplify and reduce technical support costs.

GH6 is also ready for the connection with external payment devices: coin operation or central payment system.