Semiprofessional tumble dryer

Versatile and easy to use drying equipment

The GD6 tumble dryer is the ideal solution for all those who need a professional quality, but doesn't have available a significant quantity of laundry. This small semiprofessional drying equipment allows great flexibility thanks to the presence of 7 automatic preset programs and, with a size of home device, the ability to handle up to 7 kg per cycle.

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Semiprofessional, versatile and effective

The GD6 semiprofessional dryer allows to select high temperature programs that minimize the drying time, or low-temperature presets so you can treat even the most delicate fabrics such as nylon, rayon and acrylic acetates.

This equipment ensures maximum flexibility, therefore, allowing the small laundries the possibility to manage autonomously the perfect drying of various types of laundry.

Small dryer with a steel heart

This tumble dryer is equipped with a steel drum and some asymmetric internal vanes that improve the inner movement of the laundry. The opening of the door can be right or left (optional) depending on the needs, in order to simplify and speed up the loading and unloading activities fo the laundry. Finally, the device has a single extractor, easy to clean, that eliminates the technical calls with an economic saving.

The effectiveness of simplicity

The control system of this drying equipment allows to display the time remaining to the end of the cycle, it offers 7 automatic preset programs, 12 languages available, memory functions (errors and programmes performed) as well as providing an indication of full condenser tank (draining needed).