GDZ 1090 - 1500

Industrial tumble dryers for large loads capacity

Versatile drying equipment

This family of gas, electric and steam tumble dryers ensures the perfect drying of linen as well as a lower consumption of energy. These high capacity dryers are versatile, ergonomic, simple and reliable: the essential tool for a daily efficient drying process of piles of laundry.

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Perfect drying without waste!

Thanks to the large and reversible porthole with opening up to 180°, the loading and unloading of laundry are simplified. A large size drum, with an optimized air flow path, ensures the same drying level to the entire load.

The aim of Grandimpianti i.l.e. has always been to avoid the waste of heat into the surrounding environment, so the drying drum is enclosed within a strongly isolated tank which is also enclosed by the outer frame.

High-performing dryers

The GDZ 1090 - 1500 industrial dryers have, as a standard, steel drum and mesh filter. The frame, welded and painted, meets the need for strength and durability. The adjustable rotation speed of the drum, managed by the IMT system (Inverter Motor Technology), is crucial to preserve the linen as well as the mechanical parts of the drying machine, allowing the management of large loads of laundry with the same delicacy of the equipment of lower capacity (up to 75kg). The standard filtering system, then, is characterized by two fine steel meshes that keep clean the inbound and outbound air, thereby reducing the number of maintenance operations on the heating batteries and fans.

Safe and effective drying

The safety system stops the dryer in case of opening of the door during the drying cycle. Furthermore, it guarantees an easy access to the filter and a signal of cleaning request on display.

Ergonomic tumble dryers

GDZ 1090 ÷ 1500 dryers are equipped with a large porthole (890 mm) for loading and unloading the laundry and a 30° tilting system of the upper part by pneumatic pistons. This system (optional) allows the front tilting to facilitate the unload of the dry laundry directly inside the trolleys and the rear tilting to allow the loading of the laundry through the conveyor. A manual loading/unloading of such important quantities of clothes would imply, indeed, long times and less efficiency. The option of pneumatic tilting solves these problem making automatic this activity.

Drying process always under control

Unlimited stored drying programs, 10 preset programs anytime adjustable. Easy program selection. Adjustable programs while running. Customized pictures and possibility to associate for each program a dedicated icon or other images. The display is placed at eye level: ergonomic and handy solution. The touch screen control panel keeps the record of working hours. Furthermore, the trouble shooting and the history of alarms are readable as well, thus easing the job of the technician: the diagnosis is then facilitated. An easier maintenance means reducied running costs.