Professional washing machine for MSEs

Tailor-made high-spin device

GH10 OPL is a high-spin washing machine, part of SmallPro line, developed to meet the requirements of the MSEs (micro and small businesses). It can ensure a professional treatment of laundry, without compromise. SmallPRO line, indeed, was created specifically to provide the right balance between professional results and small size, suitable for small spaces, proper of this type of companies.

features features

Small only in size

Although of its dimensions (load capacity 96.83 liters) this washer has the same mechanical features of our largest equipment: stainless steel drum, for a gentle touch on the fabrics, and a high number of holes for the discharge of water which allows a minimum percentage of humidity of the fabric at the end of the spin cycle. This model, then, is equipped with a mechanical balancing system over mobile spheres positioned on the front and the back of the drum. The door opens completely up to 180° for an easy loading/unloading of the laundry. The GH10 OPL wahser has, then, an ergonomic control panel inclined of 45° to ensure a better visibility of the display.

Tiny size, great cleanliness results

This professional washing machine is equipped with a 4 compartments dispenser (for powder or liquid detergent) placed in an ergonomic position and a double cold or hot water inlet for each unit. Optional the liquid detergent dosing kit, with the innovative "wavy beaters" system that ensures improved hygiene and better water distribution.

The washing machine is equipped with a standard drain pump (As option the gravity drain through electric valve diameter 2"), and it can be connected to pumps for liquid detergent.

Professional security systems

This high-spin washer has various safety devices. For example the door is equipped with a safety circuit with the innovative instant release system: the door can be opened quickly by pressing the "pause" button. Furthermore, this device is equipped with several sensors.

Simple and functional control

The washing machine GH10 OPL offers 6 washing programs and the possibility to modify the parameters according to pre-set options (standard cleaning cycle, adding pre-washing, adding pre-washing and rinse). A LED display allows to view, in addition to programs, also the diagnostics menu: complete customization of the washing diagrams and data transfer via infrared communication kit. The control system allows the audit of the operation data (programs performed, alarm archive, etc.). It offer the possibility of a delayed start up to 72h.