Tower system washing machine + dryer

Professional solution for MSEs

The tower system GHD10 was developed to offer an effective solution for small and micro businesses, that need professional efficiency although they haven't much space available. The GHD10 SmallPRO washing machine + dryer is our winning solution able to ensure professional performance in a very limited space.

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Eco-friendly solution

Here we find the same features of the single machines: resources optimisation, 440G of spin cycle power, drying diagram, airflow path and powerful extractor fan which ensure a faster and great drying process.

Efficiency is multiplied!

GHD10 tower solution maintains the mechanical features and efficiency of the single machines: the washing machine has a stainless steel drum and a great number of holes for the water discharge, springs and mechanical balancing system. The dryer, however, offers galvanized steel drum, a generous size filter and electric or gas heating systems.

Ergonomic from every point of view

This tower system is ergonomic in many ways: the double control panel is inclined of 45° and allows a better visibility of the display, the doors are wide and with an opening up to 180° to facilitate the loading/unloading operations.

The washing machine is equipped also with a ergonomics 4 compartments dispenser, while the dryer with drum and air ducts thermally insulated and external surfaces never hot.

Small and safe

Our tower solution offers the usual safety. So, alarm circuits, alarm sensors, a safety circuit of the porthole with an innovative instant release system and, in the dryer, different anti-overheating solutions. Finally, general switch and fuses on the machine.

Washing and drying always under control

The washing machine offers 6 washing programs with the possibility to modify the parameters according to preset options (standard cleaning cycle, adding pre-washing, adding pre-washing and rinse). Total customisation of the washing diagrams and transfer data via infrared communication kit. Audit of the diagnostics and operating data (programs performed and alarms). Possibility of delayed start (up to 72h).

The dryer, however, has 4 drying programs freely programmable from the keyboard, LED display that indicates the progress of the program and the time remaining to the end of the cycle. The drying diagrams are fully customisable and the data transfer takes place via infrared communication kit. The control allows the audit of the operating data (programs performed and alarms).