Electric and gas dryer for small business

Tiny and eco-friendly drying machine

GDR201W dryer is a small device with a technological soul able to meet the requirements of the MSEs (micro and small enterprises) such as b&bs, gyms, little restaurants, etc. Compared to the GDR201, this small dryer offers gas heating. All the advantages of the professional treatment are enclosed in an small drying machine.

features features

Small technological soul

GDR201W is small only in size: it conceals a technological soul that ensures efficiency and professional services! The drum is made of galvanized steel, the filter is big and positioned in front for an easy cleaning, the heating is electric (single or three phase) and gas. Top, front and side panels are white and powder-coated.

Ergonomic and functional

This drying machine has an ergonomic control panel that ensures an excellent visibility of the display, a large and reversible door (with opening up to 180°) to facilitate the operations of loading/unloading fo the laundry.

Finally, this dryer is equipped with a drum and a thermally insulated air ducts, to reduce the heat dispersion, and external surfaces never hot: the working environment is more comfortable and safer for the users.

Safe like the industrial machines

GDR201W is equipped with alarm circuits and several anti-overheating solutions. Every safe system is certified according to the strictest international standards.

Multiprograms timer

GDR201W offers timed drying programs or with residual moisture detection, that don't allow to change the pre-set temperature.

This dryer send notifications via 2-digit LED display (residual moisture, heating, door status, error code, etc..) and audio signals.