Tiny professional dryer for MSes

Optimised drying process for laundry

GDR201 dryer is a small appliance with a technological soul, able to meet the requirements of the MSEs (micro and small enterprises) such as bed and breakfasts, gyms or veterinary clinics. This machine offer the advantages of professional drying treatment enclosed in an tiny size.

features features

A to Z green dryer

The presence of a residual humidity sensor eliminates the risk of excessive duration of the programs.

The thermal efficiency, then, is ensured by asymmetrical air flow path, which distributes uniformly the heat inside the drum, optimising the drying treatment. A powerful extractor fan, finally, ensures rapid drying times and low operating costs.

Technological soul

SmallPRO line offers drying equipment small only in size: mechanical characteristics and efficiency, indeed, is just like the industrial one. The drum is made of galvanized steel, the filter is big, the heating single or three phase. Top, front and side panels are powder coated.

Ergonomic drying treatment

The ergonomic aspects in this dryer starts from the control panel, which provides excellent visibility of the display, and continues with the door, large, reversible, opening up to 180 ° to facilitate the loading/unloading of the laundry.

Finally, this dryer is equipped with a drum and a thermally insulated air ducts, to reduce the heat dispersion, and external surfaces never hot: in this way the working environment is safer and also more comfortable.

Professional security systems

Small doesn't mean less secure, quite the contrary! Even the GDR201 dryer is equipped with alarm circuits and various anti-overheating solutions. All these systems are certified according to the strictest international standards.

Multiprograms timer

GDR201 offers timed drying programs or with residual moisture detection, in wichich the preset temperature cannot be changed.

The dryer sends notifications via on 2-digit LED display (residual moisture, heating, door status, error code, etc..) and audio signals.