Double dryers for small business

Tower system for an effective drying

From the micro-enterprises of hospitality sector to the small communities, up to the gyms: many and different are the situations where reign supreme the delicate balance between the limited space available and the need to achieve maximum results. The tower system GDD201 has been developed to meet the needs of MSEs (small and micro businesses): the double dryers solution ensures professional performances as well as small sizes.

features features

Double efficiency

The GDD201 solution with double drying machines maintains the same mechanical characteristics and efficiency of our single machines: galvanized steel drum, large filter and electric or gas heating.

Ergonomic and functional solution

This tower system offers ergonomical solutions: a single control panel for both the devices (inclined of 10°) and large and reversible doors able to facilitate the operations of loading/unloading.

Furthermore, the external surfaces are never hot and drum and air ducts are thermally insulated ensuring a safe and comfortable working environment.

Security is made in four!

The drying system GDD201 offers certified safety solutions. Such as, alarm circuits and several anti-overhesting solutions, particularly useful in the gas dryers.

Drying process under control

The dryers offer 4 drying programs freely programmable from the keyboard, LED display that shows the progress of the program and the time remaining to the end of cycle.

The drying diagrams are fully customisable. The control allows the audit of the job data (programs perfromed and alarms).