Double integrated coin-operated dryers

Overlapping drying appliances

GDD201C system includes two coin-operated dryers developed to meet the needs of small and micro business such as b&bs, gyms, small clinics, little restaurant, condominiums, etc. Structures that require a professional treatment of fabrics, but they don't have the space or the amount of laundry able to justify the purchase of large equipment. The overlapping drying appliances SmallPRO guarantee professional results in tiny spaces.

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Efficiency doubles

GDD201C system with two drying appliances maintains the same mechanical characteristics of the single machines: galvanized steel drum, generous size filter, optimised airflow path and electric or gas heating.

Ergonomics and functionality

GDD201C appliances have a unique control panel with a inclined display (45°) and large doors, reversible and with opening up to 180° to simplify the loading/unloading of the laundry.

These tower dryers are further ergonomic: the external surfaces are never hot, moreover, the drum and the air ducts are thermally insulated, so the working environment is safe and comfortable.

Safatey is multiplied!

GDD201C offers the same degree of safety of the single device. So, alarm circuits and several anti-overheating systems, particularly useful in the gas dryers. All these solutions are certified according to the strictest international standards.

Drying is under control

Our overlapping dryers offer 4 drying programs freely programmable from the keyboard, LED display that indicates the progress of the program and the time remaining to the end of cycle.

The drying diagrams are fully customizable and the data transfer takes place via infrared communication kit. The control allows the audit of the operation data (programs performed and alarms).