Flatwork drying ironers: fast and efficent

Industrial calender machines

Available with electric or gas heating, the flatwork drying ironers C140-160-200/32 are large capacity equipment, with laundry conveying strips of introduction/extraction of linen (to help the user), which play a double and simultaneous action of ironing and drying. The perfect quality is assured by the NOMEX® belts winding on nearly the whole roller surface.

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Drying ironers with low energy consumption

Without a pre-drying phase (residual moisture max 50%), these industrial equipment simultaneously ironing and drying the laundry, accelerating the entire process of textile treatment with a positive impact on the environment.

Moreover, the ignition and the control of the gas through an electronic control unit, removes the pilot flame and reduces the consumption of gas (gas model only).

Versatile and efficient calender machines

C140-160-200/32 are front-loader calender machines that can be placed against the wall. The introduction of the linen and its collection are simplified by the presence of laundry conveying strips and a collection tank. They are equipped, then, with an adjustable roller revolving speed (from 0.1m/min till 9m/min) through inverter technology system. Finally, the presence of a digital thermostat allows to select different temperatures and control the attained temperature.

Safe and professional textile treatment

Our flatwork drying ironers are equipped with different safety systems: finger-saving fillet to protect the operator in case of wrong operation and a manual device to move the roller and to take off the laundry in case of power failure.

These calenders have double safety systems and alarm circuits such as on airplane they are also, then, provided with safety thermostat to avoid undesirable overheating.

The entire process is under control

ST23 control manages the temperature through a P.I.D. system (Proportional - Integral - Derivative). Depending on the real state of use, the control continuously modulates the power optimising the consumption: no overheating, good heating distribution, low energy consumption and, of course, great quality.