Large professional ironers with ironing pressure control

Ironing machines for flat linen

S250-320/40 are the lager ironing machines for flat linen available for our customers. The ironing plate is made of extruded and anodized aluminium, with heating elements inside the profile, for the maximum thermal efficiency. These machines are also equipped with a roller pressure system to optimise the ironing quality in every situation (folds and difficult fabrics).

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High performance of ironing

The best solution for ironing flatwork linen is always a roller ironer. For this reason, since 1997 we decided to invest in the development of advanced technological solutions, such as the extruded and anodized alloy of aluminium for the plate, that ensures an excellent ironing surface, unalterable and inert to chemical agents (eg. Chlorine residues in the tissues). The heating elements integrated into the plate, then, guarantee excellent ironing performances precisely because the heating is generated by the core of the equipment not from the rare surface (like in the traditional appliances).

In addition to a steady ironing surface to obtain a perfect result, a professional ironer requires also a high quality roller. Plate and roller, indeed, are two elements that work in perfect harmony during the ironing process. S250-S320/40 have a perforated roller (optional in the 140/25 and in ironers with a diameter of 30 cm) with extractor but is made with a special spring structure of mobile plates (SPRINGPRESS®) that ensures maximum transpiration and, therefore, requires just a cover with a layer of NOMEX® felt. This roller is able to iron also wet laundry with a humidity up to 40/45%.

Efficient and versatile

Available with electric or high-pressure steam heating, these large ironing machines, are front-loader, so they can placed against the wall and manged by a single operator. They are equipped with the roller speed control (with inverter technology)  that allows to iron damp laundry or with very difficult folds, and the extractor fan that, together with the perforated roller, is able to eliminate the steam generated during the ironing phase, while improving the working environment and the performances. These ironers for flat linen are also equipped with a practical belt feeding unit and an innovative brush-like take-off system, that helps the exit of the laundry while preserving the roller coating quality.

Safe ironing solutions

Like the other ironing machines also the S250-320/40 devices are equipped with user protection systems such as a pedal that stops the roller in order to spread out the linen from the feeder, an emergency push button and a finger-safety band that protects the operator in case of mishandling.

These ironers have, of course, also double security systems. Such as the standard electromechanical and electronic safety thermostat, which prevents undesirable overheating: whenever the device is left unattended, the system automatically shuts it off, moving the hot plate away from the roller.

Ironing quality is under control

ST46 control system is standard on our larger machines (S250-320/40) and, in addition to the ST23 features, allows to modulate the heating power, optimising the consumption (no over-heating, best heating distribution, less consumptions) and ensuring an excellent quality of ironing. It allows to create or customise ironing programs (wool, delicate fabrics, etc.) and, thanks to the hydraulic press system that controls the ironing pressure, ensures the perfect ironing of difficult folds and fabrics.