Small ironing equipment that offer great performance

Ironing process has never been so easy

Second in length (100-120 cm, diameter 18 cm), these small flatwork ironers guarantee excellent results thanks to a smooth and unalterable surface able to ensure an excellent thermal performance. The extruded and anodized aluminium surface and the heating elements inserted inside the plate, are the strengths of these small ironing equipment.

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Excellent ironing performance

The S100-120/18EM ironers have an extruded and anodized aluminium plate, extremely smooth and efficient at any temperature. This material, indeed, is able to reach quickly the set temperature (from 20° C to 180° C in a few minutes) and guarantee excellent thermal yield. The anodizing treatment, then, makes the surface hard and inert to chemical agents, eliminating any problem of corrosion (e.g. damage caused by chlorine residues on clothing).

The heating systems, armored and sealed, are integrated inside the ironing plate and the heating is generated from the inside and not from the rear surface such as in the traditional ironers. The thermal insulation is made of ceramic fiber in order to ensure the maximum efficiency and minimum heat dispersion into the environment. These models, finally, are equipped with a roller coated with a triple layer of soft steel wool, two layers of jute, two cotton layers and an external cover made in cotton.

Efficiency and simplicity

These are front-loader ironing equipment, so they can be placed against the wall and used by a single operator. Available with electric and steam heating, these machines have a mechanical motorized ironing plate and a finger-safety rod able to protect the user in case of faulty handling.

Safer that ever

These flatwork ironers have double safety systems and redundant alarm circuits (like on an airplane), such as electronic and electromechanical safety thermostats that prevent the overheating and automatic devices that lift the basin in case of black-out events. Whenever the device is left unattended, the system automatically shuts it off, moving the hot plate away from the roller.

ST18: effectiveness is simple

These machines are equipped with a basic electronic control, the ST18. Standard in our small ironers (S80-S100-120/18EM), it allows the selection of ironing temperature by a push button (three presetted values): 100°, 150° and 200° C.