Ironing appliances with a smooth and strong surface

Professional ironing of flat linen

The excellent quality of the surface of our S160-200/30 ironing appliances is guaranteed by the material selected: aluminium is able to reach the desired temperature in a few minutes and maintain it over time. Since is an extruded element the ironing surface is extremely smooth and remains unchanged at any temperature. Finally, thanks to the deep anodizing treatment these ironers are also inert and resistant to chemical agents.

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High quality ironing surface

The ironing surface of S160-200/30 models is extremely smooth and remains unchanged at any temperature without the necessity of additional mechanical systems to maintain its shape. The deep anodizing treatment, then, makes it strong and inert to chemicals, thereby eliminating any problem of corrosion (e.g. residual chlorine in the fabrics). The thermal insulation is made, then, of ceramic fiber so as to ensure the maximum efficiency and minimum heat dispersion in the environment with significant benefits for the users.

The heating systems, armored and sealed, are integrated inside the ironing surface, not simply placed in the rear of it such as in the traditional ironers, the heating, therefore, is generated from the inside of the plate, ensuring optimum ironing performances. Finally these ironing appliances are equipped with a perforated roller with suction motor, coated by a double layer of soft steel wool, a cotton felt and an external NOMEX® felt which makes it able to iron flat linen with up to 20-25% of a humidity.

Versatility and efficiency

S160-200/30 are front-loader machines, so they can be installed against the wall and managed by a single user. Available with electric or steam heating, the appliances are equipped with roller speed control (with inverter technology), that allows to iron damp laundry or difficult folds, and a extractor fan that, together with the perforated roller, is able to eliminate the steam generated during the ironing, improving the work environment and the quality of ironing.

Safety and protection systems

Like all the other Grandimpianti equipment, these roller ironers have double redundant safety systems and alarm circuits. Such as the standard electromechanical and electronic safety thermostat, which prevents undesirable overheating: whenever the device is left unattended, the system automatically shuts it off, moving the hot plate away from the roller.

These ironing appliances are equipped with user security systems such as a pedal that stops the roller in order to spread the linen over the feeder, an emergency push button and a finger-safety band that protects the operator in case of mishandling.


Professional ironing under control

ST23 control allows to manage the temperature (no pre-set values) using the P.I.D. system (Proportional - Integral - Derivative), regulate the roller rotation speed for ironing a rather damp laundry or difficult folds, manage the suction motor for eliminating the steam produced during the ironing process (available from S140/25). ST23 also controls the payment system and offers a data archive of mechanical operation.