Grandimpianti is Ozone Ready

Ozone washing system: disinfects clothes with a sterilization rate as high as 99.98%

Yes you read correctly. The ozone washing solution uses this natural gas for its innate strong sanitizing power. Today, indeed, it’s one of the most effective washing methods against bacteria, mould, viruses and spores, capable of guaranteeing a sterilization rate as high as 99.98%.

This gas, in contact with water, becomes pure oxygen and destroys almost all the viruses and bacteria, without leaving residues on the textiles. That's why it has been recognized as "natural defence for environment sterilization" by the Italian Ministry of Health. It is a powerful disinfectant, completely ecological and natural, which acts at low temperatures.

So, the ozone washing system, in addition to ensuring excellent cleaning and hygiene results, also guarantees a low ecological impact: thanks to its characteristics, we can protect the environment while maintaining high cleaning standards.

GWH/GWM/GWN: our ozone ready washing machines

We can help, hospitals, clinics, rest homes - in their research of ozone washing machines - pointing out that the entire range of GWH, GWM, GWN washing machines are Ozone Ready! We can, indeed, equipped these machines with the ozone dosing system and easily connected them to a generator, without mechanical-structural problems.

Beyond that, our washing machines can also be used with an ozonated water system, which mix water and ozone outside the machine and put the mixture into the drum in a standard way.

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