#WorldWaterDay: Grandimpianti stands up for water
Save 75,000 liters of water per year with the DWS system! Do you know how you could use them?

We are pleased to join the celebration of the  World Water Day, because we are aware of giving, in our own way, a small contribution to the protection of this precious resource. Living and working in Italy near the Parco delle Dolomiti Bellunesi (Unesco Heritage) makes us particularly sensitive to the environmental issues.

That's why we designed equipment that minimize environmental impact and improve energy performance.

One example is our patented DWS (Dynamic Weighing System) – which determines the right amount of water, energy, detergents and cycle duration – so that our GWH180 washing machine saves 75,000 liters of water per year*!

With that water you could, alternatively: - Irrigate 4,000 m2 of farmland - Fill 50,000 bottles of 1.5 liters - Meet the water requirement of 100 people for 1 year**.  -Or, finally, thirst a flock of 20 sheep for 12 months  All this with one machine! Have you ever thought about it?

*Saving was calculated on a GWH180 washing machine usage with a 60°C cycle, with and without the DWS activated, as provided by the international regulatory standard ISO 9398

**Source: EFSA (European Food Safety Authority). The values refer to normal weight subjects, under conditions of moderate temperatures and average levels of physical activity.