The intelligence at your fingertips

We welcome the 4.0 revolution in the laundry world!

Wavy is a new, user-friendly, interactive and touchscreen graphic user interface, that provides information for programming and monitoring our machines in a visual way. Inspired by the high-tech world, Wavy exploits the potential of the app language, to make faster and easier your daily work in a laundry. It’s a control system that speaks your language, not only in the literal sense, but because adapts itself to the level of users experience! The access, indeed, is hierarchical so everything is dosed on the type of user (basic, intermediate, professional or technical) and the procedures are simple and Step-by-Step.

Wavy is fast, dynamic and catchy

We’ve chosen Wavy because it’s an international name, short, easy to pronounce and remember. A catchy name, then, that reflects the essence of our new control system that’s fast, dynamic and easy to use. Also the logo is the result of a particular choice: is the stylization of a finger pressing an app.

Name and visual together, then, briefly explain the modernity of our path. In the last few years our society has changed: words like app, mobile, social and cloud are now part of our daily language. So, in this new scenario, we felt the necessity to change image and language, offering a proper answer to the new requirements of our clients. And the answer is Wavy!

Quick and simple like a smartphone

Easy as a tablet, which follows the appearance, Wavy will revolutionise your job in the laundry, simplifying it further. Its design and functionality are inspired to the hi-tech world (tablet and smartphone) and the choice to offer a vertical LCD display with graphic icons, instead of horizontal, it’s our way to ensure a continuity to the users experience, even in the professional industry. Why should we ask them to change habits? Our new control system, thanks to the icons that work like the apps on your tablet or smartphone, changes the way of interaction between man and machine. Key-bindings or complex operations are no longer required to choose a washing or drying program. All you need to do is click on the icon of the clothes you need to treat, Wavy does the rest!

Wavy speaks as you do

In an increasingly virtual marketplace, where the contacts have become followers or friends, and in which everything is always connected, dynamic and quickly, even the working tools must evolve in that direction. So we’ve developed an innovative control system that speaks your language, not in the literal sense, but because it’s visual, smart and friendly like the modern slang used on the social networks!

Wavy is a new interface able to meet new trends and market needs adapting itself to the level of users experience (self-service/basic, intermediate, professional or technical). The access, indeed, is hierarchical and every step is simple and clear. Choosing the type of detergent or temperature is possible just clicking on an app, like on your tablet or phone. Same thing for the adjustment of the engine and any other parameters.

Automatic software update

Since it’s an equipment that will work for many years, it must be, necessarily, upgradable. These are tools that will be used, therefore, by the millennials generation that considers apps and icons their bread and butter. So, its update process is, therefore, easy like downloading an app on your smartphone! Our system, indeed, warns you about each new release directly on the display like a notification on your social profile! You just need to click for install it.

Wi-Fi connected: your passport to the world

Wavy is more that an interface installed in our new machines, it's also an instrument connected to our Cloud service via Wi-Fi. This idea is not a fleeting trend or a whim, it’s the only solution to really be in step with the new expectations of customers and, above all, to cut costs and make faster and easier the laundry activity. We have created a social device for “social animals”, because we believe that also the future of the professional industry is connectivity.

Without leaving the office, due to TheMind.cloud, you can monitor operations and performances of one or more machines and structures (laundries, self-services, condominiums, hospitals, etc.). It's perfect to control and manage your business anytime you need and, above all, to planned the workflows. TheMind allows also an easier management of the administrative aspects (cycles performed, consumption, operating hours, standby, receipts, etc.) with a significant reduction of times and full-time staff required for the control.