Costs and performance optimisation

Standard software on the EB dryers machines

G400DRY, developed to be used in the EB dryers machines, is able to maximize the efficiency of the laundry equipmentThis solution allows an easier training of personnel, warehouse management and supply of spare parts, which translates concretely in a reduction of costs.

Managment and diagnostics

G400DRY allows to control the EB dryer machines in a simple, fast and intuitive way. It stores and displays the alarm archieve, provides notifications for the automatic maintenance and has visual and acoustic signal that warns you in case of malfunction or when the program ends. Handles, then, simple and electronic payment systems.

This electronic system controls the engine drum rotation through inverter device (direct drive technology that eliminates belts and pulleys) allowing both the drum inversion and the different drum speeds, manages 35 different drying cycles, all freely adjustable (10 are already set), finally, allows to program or modify all the drying parameters (temperatures, time, drum speeds) also during the running cycle.

Optional features

This control system can offer some optional festures such as: residual humidity control through double temperature probe and/or humidity probe, Datatrack® laundry managing system, connection to external energy management devices.