The essential control system

It helps to optimise the working costs

G400 is the electronic control installed (standard) in the professional WFM whasers. This control allows a quick and efficient weighing of linen, the optimization of the energy consumption (water and detergent) as well as a reduction of the time of washing. We've developed an innovative electronic control for washing machine granting uncountable benefits from the laundry room efficiency because it make easy the whole management of business till the after sale service.

Managment and diagnostics

G400 allows to control the washing machine in a simple and intuitive way. It stores and displays the alarm archieve, provides notifications for the automatic maintenance and has visual and acoustic signal that warns you in case of malfunction or when the program ends. Handles, then, simple and electronic payment systems.

This electronic control, thanks to an electronic load distribution, avoids unbalanced spins start, preventing mechanical stress. It enables delayed start (up to 24 hours) and is equipped with cool-down function (cooling) for synthetics fribres.

DWS system

G400 works in synergy with the dynamic weighing system DWSbefore starting the cycle, it weighs the laundry, determines the proper quantity of water, and adjusts the detergent. An operation as simple as intelligent which allows for a sure saving; the washing machine autonomously and automatically uses only the resources that are strictly necessary for treating the laundry. No waste. 

Easy upgrade

Convenience and efficiency, these are the keywords of this elettronic control, that's why even the upgrade is simple. Thanks to the integrated smart card system, is possible transfer data and programs from one machine to another, and downloading new programs created on your PC.

The smart card system allows to increase the 20 programs available as standard on the WFM washers or up-grade software and firmware. The procedures are fast and easy, you just need to insert the smart card on the machine.

Optional features

This control system can offer some optional festures such as: visualizes the real liters used for each cycle, 
manages the 2nd temperature probe to optimize the balance water load, Datatrack® laundry managing system, allows connections to external energy management devices.