The essentiality of control

The power of semplicity

G4-Wiz® is the essential control system installed in our heavy-duty washing with medium and low spin speed. This software performs many different functions: it manages the engine, optimises quantities, balances the load in the drum, foresees the time for maintenance, manages the payment system and stores data. Interact with G4-Wiz®, is easy, all you need is your finger.

Simple and intelligent management

G4-Wiz®, due to the automatic and patented dynamic weight system DWS, reduces waste, adjusting detergents and energy accordint to the real laundry loaded. It also manages the distribution of the load inside the drum, the speed and phases of acceleration and deceleration, to optimising washing and spin cycle.

This simple and intelligent software allows to easily configure all the washing steps directly from the keyboard on the machine. Immediate and intuitive icons and functions allow to work comfortably, even in a hurry.

Long-lasting components

G4-Wiz® automatically checks the machine’s efficiency. It balances the washing machine spin cycle in real
time. In this way, it extends the life of the components. For example the transmission through an inverter technology reduces wear and maintenance costs. G4-Wiz®, finally, records the interactions between the user and the machine.

Effective and essential

The touch switch next to the G4-Wiz® screen, lets you easily configure every washing phase. It leaves the screen free, without hiding icons with your hands. Convenience, even in a hurry.

The display is made of tempered glass: resistant to wear and dirt, even with intensive use. In addition, the touch switch can be operated even wearing gloves. It's designed specifically to be used in laundries.

G4-Wiz® simplify the maintenance

G-4Wiz® automatically checks the machine's efficiency. It balances the washing machine spin cycle in real
time, in this way, it extends the life of the components. This system monitors the operation of the machine and, due to the "Automatic Maintenance Call", it allows to schedule the maintenance, allerting the user only when it's necessary. Savings in time and money.