Control is Power

Intelligent management of drying equipment

G-Wiz® control system is standard on our GDZ G-Wiz® dryers. It's equipped with a flexible Graphic User Interface that guides step-by-step the users in an interactive way. This software allows to manage and monitor a wide range of variables that characterise the drying process. The laundry equipment automatically adapts itself to the state of the textile during the process. And when you touch the fabric, you come into contact with Grandimpianti technology.

Guides you with your language

The G-Wiz® menu is available in several languages, to be understood across the world and simplifythe interaction with the users. It was designed following certain principles of cognitive ergonomics, to think as you do. So if the basic user and the technician speak different languages, our control system adapts itself to them.

It's a flexible guide that adapts itself to the type of user: from the basic user (self-service) to the more experienced (Gentlewash® treatment) until to the technician. The menu changes its look and the selection of optionsavailable according to the user, so everyone has the right level of information.

Intelligent management of resources

By constantly monitoring the machine and adjusting the parameters in real time, G-Wiz® takes full advantage of the available resources and calibrates the timing of the various stages of drying. The machine consumes only what it needs. This means greater efficiency, increased savings and reduced environmental impact. G-Wiz® helps you optimise resources and time and it does this independently.

Our drying diagram, managed by the control system, adapts the dryers to the weight and humidity variation of the  laundry, during the process. The fabrics, while drying, gradually changes their weight, furthermore, the heating requires substantial resources in the beginning of process, when the laundry is cold, but fewer later. So, it's therefore possible to dry effectively the laundry by continuously balancing consumption over time.

It supervises, controls and foresees

G-Wiz® software performs many different functions: it manages the engine, optimizes resources, balances the load in the drum, schedules the time for maintenance, manages the payment system and stores data (hours of operation, consumption and alarms).

All this data can be viewed at any time on the display and allows you to calibrate the parameters even more accurately to improve the use of the machine, and manage the maintenance times and operations.

GWiz® simplify the maintenance

G-Wiz® automatically checks the machine's efficiency: it balances the drying machine cycle in real
time, due to the "Lint Dirtyness Detector" warns the user when the discharge filter has to be cleaned and possibly exploits the automatic suction system increasing the power of the fan, in this way, it extends the life of the components. This system monitors the operation of the machine and, due to the "Automatic Maintenance Call", it allows to schedule the maintenance, allerting the user only when it's necessary. Savings in time and money.

Made to be touched

The touch switch next to the G-Wiz® screen, lets you easily configure every washing phase. It leaves the screen free, without hiding icons with your hands. Convenience, even in a hurry.

The display is made of tempered glass: resistant to wear and dirt, even with intensive use. In addition, the touch switch can be operated even wearing gloves. It's designed specifically to be used in laundries.