Eco-friendly washing machines with an innovative soul

Low consumption washer extractors

Developed in 2012 the eco-friendly washing machines GWH GUIDO®, due to the powerful engine capable of producing up to 400G of speed, ensure great centrifugal power. A good speed during the spin cycle reduces the presence of residual water in the clothes and, consequently, also the time required for the following drying phase.

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Energy-efficient equipment

Due to the patented precision weighing system DWS you can save up to 50% of detergents: DWS calculates the exact amount of resources (energy, water, detergents) according to the amount of laudry loaded. No more a few preset options, but is a dynamic system that use only the strictly necessary resources.

The professional washer extractors GWH GUIDO®, are more that energy-efficient, they guarantee the 96% of recycling rate. So they’re eco-friendly washing machines for A to Z: made of recyclable material, they have low environmental impact during their entire life (production, packaging, carry and disposal).

Professional washer extractors for every need

Six different load capacities are available to meet the different needs of our clients: from 8 kg to 28 kg (load ratio 1:10), everyone with the same quality, design and features. Our machine are equipped with a stainless steel drum with hemispheres that ensure a gentle touch on fabrics, even at high spin speeds. The numerous micro-holes of the drum (8% of inner surface) guarantee a rapid discharge of water and 42% maximum of humidity of the fabrics (at the end of the spin cycle). These high-spin washing machines have springs and shock-absorbers to reduce floor vibration: this means lower noise and mechanical stress.

High hygienic performances

An ergonomic soap dispenser with 4 compartments (for liquid and powder detergent) equipped with cold and hot water inlets for each unit, ensure the proper water flow according to the set temperature of washing. The washing machine also presents three water entrances (hot, cold freshwater and harsh): the machine mixes the three types autonomously and automatically.

MIXER combines water and detergent before they enter into contact with the clothes avoiding damage or discoloration. Finally, the motorized discharge valve, diameter from 3 "(76 mm), is positioned on the front of the equipment, for a quick and easy maintenance, and directly under the tub, thus avoiding any risk of water and detergents decantation caused by a long and bulky connecting pipe.

Washers extractor with double safety devices

Grandimpianti washing machines are equipped with double safety devices, redundant alarm circuits just like on planes. In the unlikely event that a safety device fails, its replacement is activated immediately. Our machines have numerous sensors connected to the low voltage (24 Vac) safety board: no problem of electric shock, not even during maintenance. Even the lock porthole is equipped with a safety system which keeps the door closed and locked until the complete stop of the drum rotation. But there's more. It operates at 24VAC, so there are no risk for the operator. Finally, all our devices are equipped with main switch and fuses on board the machine, with a considerable saving of time and money in the installation phase.

Success is only a matter of control

GUIDO® control system is a flexible and interactive "Graphic User Interface" that adapts itself to the user and gradually guides him on the process. You decide just what you want to achieve and GUIDO® deals with how to reach that goal.

The system constantly monitors the equipment and adjusts the parameters in real time, making the most of available resources independently. This means higher efficiency, greater savings and reduced environmental impact.